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Failure analysis prediction &Prevention Technology achievements export

author:   Date:2012-08-20   Hits:6240


Failure analysis technics, it is point to mechanical product failure accident diagnosis and prediction prevention technology,is to study products failure mode,reason and mechanism,and adopt the technical activitiy of forecasting preventive measures and management activitywhich can prevent similar accident from happening again and management activity.Back in 2006, Zhejiang Meili Spring Co. , Ltd started to develop failure diagnosis prediction prevention technology research, cultivate a group of professional talents of failure analysis for the new product research and technological innovation activities to provide strong support.

On May 12,2012- On May 14,2012,“Spring Fatigue and Failure Analysis Training Exchanges”was hold in Dafeng City,Jiangsu Province by National Spring Standard Council and Spring Society Organization. WangRenZhi Researcher Speaker’sSuspension Spring Early Fatigue Failureand Company Professor Level Senior Engineer Tushirun Speaker’s Spring Stress Corrosion Fracture Analysis Of Case Analysis were acclaimed by experts and personnels.

Professor Level Senior Enginee Tushirun since 1997 as the Chinese mechanical engineering society failure analysis section of the failure analysis experts, he has the very high popularity and authority in our country's failure analysis field.